About the Artist

Raised in Southern California, Allison chose to attend Santa Barbara City College where she received a degree in Art and Costume Design. After moving to Arizona, where she currently resides, she attended various classes at Arizona State University, and Scottsdale Art School to study and paint alongside prominent artists with varied approaches such as Buy Bitney, Milt Kobayashi, Tim Rees and Bill Lundquist.

With Allison’s unique style and skill set, several licensing agencies have enlisted her to design commercial artwork along with creating poster prints for high end poster companies.  Painting “alla prima”, she tries to capture glamor, graphic patterns, and textured brush strokes with emphasis on sharp and loose edges and often leaves areas of bare canvas, bringing clarity to certain forms and others left undefined.

“I admire the Artists that taught me color ,composition, and the technique of leaving only hints of detail in the painting to allow the viewer to us there own imagination which makes a painting so beautiful .”

“Grace comes to rescue, to tell us we are valued, accepted and loved. To be accepted means to be cherished, to be loved for who you are, it means we don’t have to earn or deserve it, it is given to us by God, We simply must reach out and take it.”